“Do not look back, just look forward”


I understand that you are very busy, and I know that you are able to hear me.  I miss you very much and I miss our time alone. I miss the time when I could see you, my room, my brother, and my dad. However, I can still be on Earth and see Earth through your eyes, mom.

That is why after my departure, you could not see the light. And that is why when you close your eyes, you can see me better. What I want to do in the future, mom, is when we work together, I will use your eyes as sensors and I am going to send you energetic pulses and shivers to let you know what is good and what is not. Do you remember the movie, Ratatouille? Something like that with the rat.

4:06 pm

Divine Providence needs people, souls to do the work – work  of healing. You, mom, are not alone, and you will not be alone in this world. I need you to calm down and relax. Please know that I feel your love for me. Every minute of a day. I feel your love for me.

I will send you more information and will work with you more. Just do not rush. I know it’s kind of funny coming from me. I know.  You were the one who always told me to slow down. 

You told me, slow down, no one will take your food.  Calm down, don’t rush to grow up. And I had the feeling inside of me that I should, and now you have that feeling inside, just as I had before.  I know, I see it.  I know what I am talking about.  I know that feeling of energy. Don’t   think that you are missing something.  

When our physical reality is destroyed, when our dreams for tomorrow is no more.
..rising from the dust takes labor, dedication, and time. Today – Do not rush the proIMG_0850cess! 


Yes, we must take a stand on something that is bigger than us, more important than us. Only then can our souls really shine.

And only then, can our Divine Beauty show up. Then and only then, the Divine energy of love can pour on us, our hearts, and our souls. Only when we take a stand for something that our planet really really needs can we bring compassion and joy and celebration to humanity.

Till then, till we do so…we will be occupied and composed by our self beating, nagging, jealousy, and inadequacy.  Money will be always a subject and relationships will always be a problem, and deprivation always will be a worm, that eats out our soul, that never had a chance to be what its meant to be and do what it’s meant to do, since we never did the work for it.

And yet, we often we are left without realization what we must to do the work. That we must labor. That without labor nothing will come to us that is a true value.

For a peace of a soul – we must labor!  And since we never labored for it, we left out our beautiful and magnificent souls, to be imprisoned by our egos, selfishness, and laziness. 

Do not look back, just keep working, just look forward!IMG_0854

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