B). Divine Mother – Visit #6

1:05pm –  06.06.08 B

Message from Divine Mother:

My daughter- listen to me,
Crying your soul out is helpful for you,
Clean your anger, sorrow, and your grief,
Clean them out, write them out.
But breathe, breathe, breathe….

There is no judgment on you for your pain,
You are the mother who is in agony,
That is ok and that is fine as long as
You remember it is G-d’s plan.

Yes you have beautiful pictures inside your mind,
Yes your visions were dainty and had goodness of heart,
However the plans for you is not exactly what G-d has in mind,
So accept the essence of such beliefs–
Make it strong, into something that does not move.

Make that so much a part of yourself,
That doubts will never find a place.
Then enter that place and place all your thoughts, visions, and dreams
That you may have for you again.

Trust that this was all right,
Trust that this is not a punishment,
Trust that Divine Providence is watching over you,
Trust me, trust my child, and you will be fine.

Time will pass and the new will come,
Trust, my child, that your son is here,
Trust, my child; trust our provision, our care and love
Trust that I’m your Mother.

Close your eyes and breathe,
And know that I’m here; I’m near.

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