B). Theory: Zero Degree of Deviation (ZDD)


ZDD deals with issues of Trust, Reality, and Unity of balance between the Divine and Earthly realms and with our (human) tendency to deviate to the Illusion that is a product of low-frequency programming (LFP).

About LFP

What is LFP? LFP is an emotional response that is programmed in us (humans) based on a fear factor (FF).

What is FF? FF is a belief that something can be “taken,” something can be “lost,” something can “happen” that is not within our expectations, dreams, hopes, and desires and basically frustrates our “plans,” which gives us a false sense of being “powerless.” As if when everything is going as we plan—means that we are “powerful.” Therefore, the false understanding of “powerful” and “powerless” creates that FF that dictates to us and signals to us that “we are not in control.” It creates the illusion that when we feel we are in control, we are “G-d” and we can do anything that we think benefits and feeds our Ego. Therefore, LFP is a frequency of vibration of our Ego, our personality, our lower soul. 

About “Now”

ZDD is taking place in “Now” vs. “Past” or “Future.” “Now” as a place is where there is no room or need for “control.” Therefore, there is no FF present in “Now.” What is present in “Now” is an unlimited space for unlimited possibilities that are not linear or programmed. Therefore, we are free from responding by default.

“Now” is the place of awakening to the multidimensional reality versus the linear illusion of existence. “Now” is the meeting place where G-d dwells and angels play. It is a playground for creation waiting to happen. To enter “Now,” all you need to have is an unfolding frequency of divine energy that is generated by the soul of an individual. Someone who “chooses” to enter will be “chosen” to participate in the Universal playground. It is available to everyone at any time in any given moment.

About “Time and Space”

So then the questions that need to be answered are as follows:

1. What is a ZDD?

2. Why we are speaking about Time and Space?

ZDD is the absolute Trust that what is taking place at this moment is “right and timely.” ZDD is a full and complete acceptance of the presence and will of G-d—the ruler and creator of all. ZDD is a full and complete dedication and surrender to the will of G-d and His Glory and Compassion.

ZDD is a place, a state of mind of being where everything is as is, everything is possible, and nothing is “wrong.” That place can be found only in “Now” and only with the following frequency of mind:

  • Total and complete acceptance and gratefulness for “what is” in the moment.
  • Complete and full acceptance and understanding that “what is” is “right” and “timely.”
  • Complete and full comprehension of G-d’s Compassion that is woven into every fabric of his will and action.

With that mind-set, the soul is available, free, and able to reach a state of joy that precedes that frequency of Compassion that opens doors to the place where all of us can meet in “Now.” That is a “sneak preview” of what our world is going to feel and look like when the consciousness of G-d will meet the higher Realized Consciousness* of humanity.

The only spiritual practice and “religion” that will exist in the New World to come will be the soul frequency of Compassion—which is a manifestation of the Celebration of Life, which is the essence of Shabbat. The frequency of Compassion is the vibration of the soul that was able to free itself from suffering by choosing love over fear.

The essence of the New World to come is the True Geneses and Continuation of Shabbat. That reality that will take over the illusion of linear, physical survival and struggle. ZDD is a place where pain ends, suffering stops, and the salt of Earth is dissolved by the ocean of G-d’s Love.

This is a place where all lovers meet, where all beauty is created, where the veil stops its covering and souls meet. It is timeless and spaceless . . . it is Here and it is Now.

Any degree of deviation from that mind-set, from that stand, creates pain, suffering, and everything else of the low frequency of Ego. Only in ZDD can the soul truly shine through the personality (or the so-called animal soul). ZDD is the most compassionate place of all.

And every degree of deviation creates a larger and larger gap for low energy (negativity, evil) to enter. Evil (an illusion) exists only in doubts and fears. It dwells and feeds in one’s emotional energy of desperation. Where Divine (reality) dwells and creates Joy, Beauty, and Compassion, that is ZDD.


Therefore, it is up to you, and it is up to your individual choice, your free will, where you want to be, what you will invite into your life. It is the most individual work that is, yet it tremendously affects the collective soul of humanity.

Therefore, every choice counts, every soul is treasured and is important. We wish to only provide you with knowledge. We wish you to make your choice on your own.

The healing is needed. The time is Here. The place is Now. Choose and be chosen. We will wait for you in ZDD, in our playground, in our garden of G-d’s Love.


*Realized Consciousness (New Thought)—a higher level of awareness of a human being that focuses on bringing the essence of G-d into one’s life by choice. It is a lifestyle, an attitude that encompasses compassion, love, integrity, joy, inner harmony, oneness, and forgiveness in every moment and every situation.


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