“The time : my time”

8:23 pm

My dearest mom, I miss you so much. Don’t worry that I’ve been quiet lately. I’m just a little bit sad for all of you guys and you, mom.

I can see very clearly how your soul and heart tears apart for me and what you have done for me. How did I not see that before?

And the magnitude of your love and pain that you carry makes me so sad. I am simply blown away by the tremendous amount of love all of you had and has for me. What silly boy I was to not have seen all that.

As humans, we are very limited in our comprehension.   That is why as I am ascending, my vision and conception are changing too. There are no words that can explain or deliver to you the love I have for you.

I am so deeply sorry that my leaving caused you so much pain and so much of everything. There’s nothing I can do mom, please understand this.

I could not change this. It was my time. That is all.

The time: my time. The rest is just what it is.

That is why I’m so quiet. I don’t know how to fix all this and make it better. I see that intellectually knowing is not really helping you. That is why there is no lessons for you at this point.

Mom, my dearest, I love you. I’m here and I just want to say to you that all too shall pass. Everything from Earth to heaven is a process for all of us.

Mom, we are still a family and I’m still your son. You still have me. Please think that way.

Though you do not have a need to cook for me or do my laundry, I’m still with you very much so. Make room for me; don’t push me aside. I am family, love, and your son.

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