“Formula for G-d’s Love”


Note : At the time I was in his room, lying on his bed, when my son came to me and said:

Mom, I love you very much and I miss you very much. Don’t worry about anything. I was, am, and will be your son. No one will take that away from you. I need you to trust me, mom, I will always be around you, just as you would be if the situation was reversed. We are bounded forever mom; our love is our bond forever.

IMG_0857I need you to trust me. I am not going anywhere from you. I am your partner. I am your son.  I will always be around you, just as you would if the situation was reversed. We are bounded forever mom; our love is our bond forever.

I need you to pull together, mom.  Mom, please don’t go into the past. Please don’t go into the future.  I’m here mom, look into my eyes, I’m here mom.  I love you, stay with me.  You have to stay here.  I really need you mom, please stay here, mom. Let me teach you about ” feeling G-d’s Love”.


Here are the things people don’t really get:

  1. They (priests, pastors, etc) may suggest that only a righteous person can truly be loved by G-d, but you don’t really need to be a special person, such as a righteous person, to be loved.
  2. Individuals are not working consciously to embrace every part of him/herself. Deep inside them, they may feel they are not “lovable” since they think that they have something that is “ugly” in them. That stops them from engaging in G-d’s love.
  3. They may also be thinking that in order to be loved, they have to do something—that G-d’s love is based on how much they did or did not do. They, however, miss the point. The point is that they are loved regardless of their behavior. Of course G-d favors “good behavior” over bad, but that does not affect his love for humanity.
  4.  Humans forgot their true beginnings, their genesis. They’re not consciously aware that their souls are a part of higher consciousness, which is love, compassion, and G-d. They do not really understand it in their hearts, but when they do and know, then everything else unfolds.


  • G-d’s love cannot be felt by the mind. The mind cannot take us there, but the soul and heart, “the feelers and the knowing parts” may feel and recognize G-d’s love.
  • And when they do, then they stop chasing for love of humans.   However, the relationship between individuals is the vessel where G-d’s love can flow from one G-d’s spark to another.
  • Feeling G-d’s love, recognizing love, that is really a choice, and to some degree, a labor to get to where love becomes available. That is done through self-knowledge, self-awareness, self-education and development; all that equals self-love.

IMG_0874The formula for G-d’s love:

Know who you are and remember who you are, love who you are, trust who you are, be who you are.  Choose who you are, and G-d’s miracles and love will unfold in front of you like a lotus or a rose in the beautiful morning. Get through the darkness of the night with the trust and the knowing

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