“There is a plan for you”


My dearest mommy I love you very much. Of course I can tell you, do not worry. Everything will be fine. I can see that is not helping you. So, let me tell you something else.

  • Mom, allow Divine Providence to love you. Allow Divine Providence to take care of you.
  • Allow Divine Providence to help you.
  • Trust that you are very much loved.
  • Trust that you are good and G-d is good.
  • Trust that Divine Providence sees and knows your goodness.


Please trust your son, the son who never lied to you. Trust that what you see with your physical eye is not it. You mom, are not being punished. You are blessed.

You need that trust and patience to see all this to the end. This is what you need to know:

Divine Providence has a plan for you.
Trust that mom. His plan is perfect.
Trust that mom.
It is full of love and compassion.

Mom, listen to me, trust G-d’s care and plan.

People are good, but Divine Providence is stronger than everyone else. In terms of Divine Providence, do not fear anything; do not hold on to anything.

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