A). “What can we do? It’s G-d’s Will!”


My dearest mommy, I see how it’s all heavy for you. What are we going to do with you?

We cannot change G-d’s will; please accept this. I know it is very painful. I know for sure my heart will explode if something happens to you.

I know this and there is nothing I can do about it. I can only send you my love for you, speak with you, and pray for you so Divine Providence will help you.

I hear so clear and loud how your soul is screaming and mourning in pain.

As I hear this cry, I cry with you too. Trust me that it’s very difficult for me to be without you too.

What can we do? This is the will of G-d!  Yes, your path is not easy, but it is yours and you have to walk your path the best you can. Don’t drop your Spirit!

You cannot prove anything to anyone. You cannot tell them how to walk their paths.

Just do what is best for you. Do not rush – because the path will come to you and you will understand what to do next.

And please – Don’t drop your Spirit.

 Trust me. Trust Divine Providence and that something new and something good will surface in your life when the time comes.

Trust this and wait for it. The Divine Mother wants to talk to you again. We will talk later.

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