“Think Life-Let me Shine..”


My dearest mommy, I missed you so much. I know that you can hear me. When you write, I feel closer to you. I don’t even know who needs that closeness more, you or me. It is very difficult for me that we are not together on Earth.

I understand and I see and feel your pain and sorrow because we are not together, you will not be able to see me grow up, will not have any more birthdays, you will not be able to give me presents, and take pictures of me. That is all true.

That part—the sorrow—will always be with you. I know that you will always be searching for me around especially when you see a group of kids of my age and you will always be thinking of me and that is true.

That is very painful. You will have to go through a lot and you have so much still to learn and accept. But this is your path, mom.

This is your path. You cannot change your path.  It was designed just for you.  You can only change how you walk your path—as a broken human being or with your head held high.

This is it mom, this is your choice. Either go with dignity or as a broken dog.

Yes, maybe only now when you’re looking back, you finally see that from the very beginning, your path has not been simple. It will not get easier.  It doesn’t mean your path is a bad path; it’s just not a simple one.

Everything about you mom is not so simple or boring, but all that made you who you are. That is what molded you into the mother I have always loved and will always love.

It’s made you into someone people have always looked up to. You cannot imagine how many people are watching you now. So, mom, what are we going to do mom? How are we going to be? What are we going to do with our destiny?

If you, mom, who can see and speak with me all the time and is still greatly suffering, do you understand how unbearable it can be for those who cannot do that? Who is going to help them?

Who’s going to bring them light? Who is going to show them the way to go? Who, mom, who?

Who is going to walk them through the Desert of Death to life? Who is going to speak to them when their phones stop ringing? 

Who’s going to break the illusion that they have lost their children? 

Who do you think is praying for the planet and others? We are, mom, souls of the children who left the Earth and are very special.

Children are trying to save the planet.  Children are working very hard on Earth and in Heaven.

We children are observing the pain and transferring it to G-d as you once were. You don’t see everything mom, that is why you don’t understand many pieces of your life.

But now I can see everything and I will share with you my knowledge. Mom, my dearest mom, I don’t know what else to tell you and how is to help you.

Just remember that you were and are a great mom to me. Please get rid of your fears. No one knows what G-d’s plan is.

Your fear will destroy you. You have to think about life. You must think life. You must deal with life on its terms and time.

Do not fear, mom, trust. You will not be able to walk without trust or without Zero Degree of DeviationWhen are you going to type that up?

When are you planning to start writing about the Universe and us? Mom, I love you so much and I am always with you, but at some point, you must start to heal yourself.

I can do just so much, but then it is up to you. Do you want to work together or not? But our work needs your trust or nothing will happen. Take your time and think about it. We will talk later.


Mom, it’s me, how are you? I really want to come back to you and make pictures together again, have our jokes, and play games together. You see, mom, how much we loved each other, that is why I need you to be healthy and happy. Do it for me.

If you cannot do it for yourself – do it for me!

I need you to be healthy. I want to see my mom and not the woman who lost her child.

First of all, you did not lose me. Second, you are my mom and not that woman.

Mom, you do not need to be strong—you are. What I need you to become is joyful.

Look at our picture, that’s what I always loved about you: your joy, your smile, and your warmth. Please bring that back. Bring back your light. Remember what you taught me.

I am in you, mom.  I am part of your soul, a part of your light.  Smile and you will give me life again.  Let me be your smile and your shining eyes. Do not hold me mom – let me shine through you! 

Think of me mom, love me mom. And let your soul shine like never before.

It is two of us now, mom, you and me. I am part of your soul, a part of your light.

 Let me shine through you

I love you. Good night, mom, good night.

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