Don’t Be Affected By Other People


Hi, my dearest mommy, finally we can talk again one on one.  I’m always waiting for this moment; I have so much to tell you.

  • Please do not worry about anything
  • I’m so glad that Mother came to you again and sent you even more angels then before. Now you have groupies. :).  Everyone is watching your process and watching after you.
  • Would it be cool if we could start bringing messages from children to their parents?  Do you think you can do that emotionally?  I know energetically you can, but will you be able to do this work emotionally?
  • I agree that you must spend time alone as much as you can.  Besides, we can talk more right?  And I can help you with healing and other lessons.
  • You will have to let other energies flow without touching and affecting you.  I notice how other people’s energy affects you.  I can see now that we need to heal that.  Don’t think about anything—just know one thing: I love you very, very much.  I am always with you. I will never ever leave you.

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