A). “I am not your imagination”

Note:  IMG_0851 I could not hear my son today in the morning. I was not able to hear his voice and to feel his energetic vibration. Out of a fear of losing our connection I cried out to him. I looked for him and search the energy. We connected again. Below is his response.

Mom, I’m here and I know that you are tired. I am also aware that you are starting to think that my voice is a part of your imagination. That is not true, mom. Trust me.

I am not your imagination.  My voice is not your imagination. Trust me. Trust yourself. Trust us!

I distanced myself today a little more so you can feel the difference without my usual energy.  I want you to be able to distinguish the difference between your energy on its own and my energy on its own, and when our energies are combined. This way, you will understand that I am not a figment of your imagination. I recognize that you need a break from my voice from our ongoing conversations.

But now I am here and  I am going to share something with you, the “Theory of Blue Star Children”. (He called this info a Theory as it can’t be easily proven. See next entry ) . 

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