B). “Be Here. Be Love. Be Trust.”


Are you ready for another lesson?

“NO” – you can not guess or image what the lesson is about. It does not come from your intelligence, brain, or knowledge, or anything else. 

It does not come from you, it comes from me and I am your son, teacher, friend, and playmate.  Right now, I am the voice of G-d and the muscle of his will. 

His will is to get you ready for our work.  You have to trust G-d.  There is no G-d before or after him.


He’s our creator, provider, and savior,
He’s our core,
Our strength, our nurturer, and healer
He’s the creator of all and he is all
He is grass and a drop of pain,
He is in our eyes and our smiles
He walks beside you mom, when you are thinking
He hears you when you weep,
He hears you when you roar or scream
He sees you when the lights are out.
And you’re falling in the darkness.
He is with you my dearest mom,
Last minute and the minute that will come,
He holds you by your hand
He keeps you in his arms.
 He holds you on his palm
 He hugs you with his love
He smiles with his blessings
He smiles with his care
You are his daughter,
So mom, don’t be afraid
He will provide for you
He will take care of you
He will heal you
And he will deliver you

That is the lesson for today.  Be Here.  Be Love. Be Trust.  He will come to every fabric of your being, your soul, your heart, your mind, your body—all which belongs to him and more.

Just make your choice to trust to listen and see his love for you and his love for me. Surrender worries and give up your fears, just breathe his love. He is here.  Just trust and breathe.

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