Conversation with G-d

 G-d will lift my pain

G-d will lift my pain coming in my house and into my heart
He whispers his wisdom and his compassion
Dissolving my pain in his ultimate kindness
He hugs me softly, wipes my tears

and says:

“Here…here my child…here…here
I will sit next to you as long as you need it
You are very much loved my daughter, my sweetheart.
Your son is safe, his soul so joyful,
He is sending you his hugs and kisses.

He is jelly and he is merry
He is calm and content
He is loved by all my angels
And of course by me, his Father God.

You, his mommy, that I know
But I am his father,
I protect and love him too.
Let him go,

Let him be in my arms.
Give me him with open heart
Give me him with love and trust.

Let him go to my arms
Let him go to my care
Let him go to my care

Let him go,
And then you will see the marvels of my love for you and him.

He is your son, but I am your father.
He is your child – but you are my baby
Release him; let his soul fly, soar, assent.
I am asking you to leave his soul and

Then I will come and will lift your pain”.


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