“Find time to heal yourself”


We did not talk with you for a long time. I know that you can hear me and that it is very different when you’re are writing.  You’re more focused and attentive when you are writting and recording our conversations.  It is so easy on Earth to get diffused from focus. Stay focus!

You need to put more time into the healing of yourself and to creating a normal schedule, a routine. You worry too much. I have given you information slowly to give you time to heal.

Focus, Focus, Focus! When you write – you are focused. When you have a routine -you are focused.

Mom, don’t worry, I will not drop you. Divine Providence will not drop you. You have to start rehabilitation and you cannot do it alone. Perhaps you need to find a group to be there for you.

You need to allow other people to help you too. Do you remember what you once said to me? Now I’m saying it to you. Please take care of your body. Mom, you suffered a trauma. Now, you need to heal.

You can’t get healed alone! Ask for help. It is “okay” to ask for help. No one can do it alone. We need you to be well.  I need you to be well!

I need you to wait for me, to be strong mentally, physically, and spiritually. I need you all together. I will help you, mom, and I will kick start you as you did for me.

You need to get well for me, my dad, and my brother, but most of all, for you. Without you, the family cannot be rebuilt. You are the force that will pull everything together again. You did that before and you will do it again. We will do it together.


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