Divine Mother – Visit #7 & More…

9:50 am

Mom, I never realized how much the children on Earth are suffering.  If you only knew about the unheard cries of suffering children, you would be mind-boggled about what they are going through. There is illness, poverty, hunger, and abuse. I never realized how lucky I was to be loved and cared for.  

The children in heaven are watching over the children on Earth and represent the face of G-d.  We must do something for the children on Earth.

We must do more than what is being done now. The children on Earth are in a very deep need for hugs, smiles, and toys. We really need to think about how to help suffering children.


Conversation with Divine Mother ( Visit #7)

Mother is here, we need to talk
Heart to heart.
You are a mother regardless 

if your children are here or not.

You will always be a mother.
You were born to be a daughter.
And that is your destiny, my daughter,

I am a mother too.
I am a mother to every mother,
And everyone is my child.

Therefore I know your pain.
I feel it, I recognize it,

and I am with you.

The path of a mother is never an easy one,
And losing a child is the most challenging one,
To lose a child is the most crucial–
The most devastating way ever.

And yet, with all that in heart,
Your soul must know that nothing is lost,
Nothing is gone.

And  thinking is not a real help
It must bring you a comfort to know that he’s safe.
As mothers, we all want our children to be well.

Well… he’s well. He is bright. He is okay.
And yet your heart still does not have joy.

And that what we must change
In serving G-d,
In waiting for him,
We need to inject your heart.
The wounds must heal,
The void must be filled,
The voice must find a new song to sing

Your son is with you more than you ever knew,
Yes, he is energy now, but so is love and so is G-d
And so are you and everyone else.

My child, my daughter, I know,

I know in your heart
It’s pure love; I see you, I hear you,
I feel you my daughter, my love.

Please hear me say this again and again:

Your son is fine; he is okay,
He loves you, he watches you,
He hears every single word that you say,
And thoughts that you think.

Your son is not lost, or done, or gone.

That is only an illusion …

He is here, right next to you.
Have mercy on his soul
And please listen to him.

Please allow him to be in peace and harmony,
Please allow him to exist in love and serenity,
Stop your noise, nonsense, and fears.

He’s here, he is here, and he is here

Take control of your life,
Take control of your day,
Keep him in your heart,
Love him with your soul,

Bring him back to life with your smile and joy,
That is your task, this is your job,
This is your new life!

Your new life is about G-d,
Your new life is about joy,
Your new life is about love,
And living in harmony.

Live in harmony with G-d,
Live in harmony with your children,
Regardless where they are – above or below.

Live in harmony with nature,
Live in harmony with G-d’s will,
Live in harmony with your choices.

Just open your heart
And clear your mind,
Listen to your son
He is speaking.

(Now my son starts to speak)

Mom, I’m fine
I love you so deeply.
I’m sending you a kiss
Please forgive me
For such quick leave.

Mom I love you.
I will never leave you again.
Please learn to be with me in new ways
I am, mom, crying when you are crying
I’m happy when you are happy too.

Please mom, listen,
Please mom, accept
Please mom, have a strong faith.
What happened you and what happened to us?
Is done, is gone, and cannot be changed.

G-d has a plan; he has a will
Mom, please, accept his work, plan, and will
Mom, I am here and you are here

Enjoy our connection,
Enjoy our communication,
Enjoy what we still have.

Mom, I’m asking you

light up your heart,
I know it will take time,
But from here from above …I can see your pain and struggle

And I want to scream:
Mom, stop, stop, stop.
Mom, please learn how to live!

Enjoy harmony and feel appreciation
Of what you have. 

Mom, mom, mom…

Come close to G-d,
I will show and teach you,
But please stop torturing yourself
With going through that night.

I beg of you, my dearest mom,
Heal, heal, heal, to life
I love you, I love you, I love
Thank you for listening
–Your son


(Divine Mother speaks to me again)

Well mother, did you hear the plea of your son?

Do the duty of a mother –
Focus on the needs of a child,

His needs are clearly spoken
His will is clearly set
I know that is not simple
And yet…

Find your center
Find your strength
Find and connect to your Mother
Connect to your Inner Mother and bring her again

The more work is waiting
The more that needs to be done
The work of a Mother is never finished
The Mother is never done!

Pray in the morning
Pray at night
Ask G-d to give you directions,
On your new path

As a Mother – Mother of all,
Here are my words to you:

Take your time
Heal your soul
Open your heart
For new life and joy

Think of your children
Put their needs first
Love your journey
Accept your role

G-d is with you
Watching over you
And I – your Mother
Loving you.

I will come more
To help you to heal,
You are not alone
We sent you many angels.

Share your love with others –
So much more will come
Talk to your child –
Follow his messages from above

Stay with us -as we stay with you
Listen to us -as we listen to you
Respect us -as we respect you.


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