Divine Mother – Visit #5


Second lesson from Divine Mother:

  • Our breath is a link to the breath of G-d.

  • We are connected to him from our first breath till the last.

  • The number of breaths is pre-calculated and cannot be changed.

  • Only in rare cases can it be shortened or extended. That is strictly under G-d’s restrictions, no humans can have anything to do with it.

  • We shall not think of the future past one breath.

  • We shall learn how to feel for directions for the next step inside the breath we are taking.

  • Every breath has information programmed inside and if we pay more attention to our breaths, we can hear, see, and know more of what is important to us and about our lives at hand.

  • Every breath that we are putting out has imprinted on our thoughts, feelings, and our intentions. That is how everyone around us might know what we are up to and that is how G-d knows what we are up to.

  • What is in our breath gets recorded in our personal files till our judgment day.

  • That is why breathing is so important to life on Earth. It provides all essential life that humans need for daily duties and functions.

  • Those who are not aware of breaths become confused and disoriented and not aware of their mission and role.

  • It is very important for humans to spend time in the morning, evening, and nighttime, focusing on their breaths and reading information that is sent to them by G-d. That is their “email.” Thoughts and visions become secondary. Breathing is first, then everything else.

  • Learn how to stay connected to your breath and do not let your monkey mind run wild. Without directions, you will spend lots of energy and time doing and creating what came from your mind and not the directions and will from Divine Providence.

  • Of course you have your will and choices to make, however, if you do not have the right information, you cannot make the right choices.

  • Do not rush. Listen to what is within your breath. Listen to our guidance.

Today’s assignment for you: just breathe. Do not think beyond one breath. Listen, listen, and listen to what is coming to you and for you in the breath of life.

Go and get ready for the day, you are under my wings. Do not panic, worry, or get nervous. Breathe calmly and intelligently. We are around you and your boy, your son is here too. He is very worried about you and he wants to be assured that all of you are protected, nurtured, and well. We are listening to him and watching you.

Trust. Trust . Trust. Breathe. Trust. Breathe in and out. We need you to become a column of light and trust. Trust must become your first and second name: Trust Trust. That is all for today. Go with trust and be trust—Your Mother.

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